Japanese Iris

Name: Japanese Iris, (Iris Japonica)

Essence Contents: White Iris Japonica


Nicknamed the “practitioner essence”, this essence creates an ideal state for working with people.  It balances the left and right brain, enhancing the process of effective information integration. This means that a healthy medium is met wherein the creative and logic minds are in harmony, allowing for clarity, calm, good judgement and quick thinking.

Japanese Iris essence corresponds to the crown chakra, balancing and clearing it, which in turn creates the right environment for enhancing the Higher-Self connection, and receiving ‘higher information’. This is a Yang essence, (yang being active, power, masculine) and as such, stimulates the ‘logic brain’ in a way that is ideal to make sense of the higher information, integrate it, and translate it into something comprehendible and useful.

It also strengthens the vitality and radiance of the aura, in that it increases the strength and flow of the magnetic fields around the body. In my opinion, this essence is perfect for anyone who is interested in the above mentioned qualities and especially for practitioners of any kind.

This essence is now available from my practice :)

 Happy reading!