Chakra Synthesis

Name: Chakra Synthesis

Essence Contents:
Red Flowering Quince, Orange Daisy, Yellow Sour grass flowers (for softening and accepting love), Pink Cherry blossom (femininity, power, love, delicate perfection), Blue Snow bell drops, Indigo Azalea, Violet/White Blue-eyed Daisy (stimulate white light cleansing, crown chakra).

This beautiful mixture contains the essence of seven unique flowers, the brilliantly vibrant colours carefully chosen to represent and embody the seven major chakras in their maximum vitality.
This essence has been designed to assist in the balancing and energising of the chakras so that they may operate to their full potential. We have often found that it presents the imbalances to the conscious mind first, before they are naturally transformed into a state of harmony through the vibration of the essence.
Besides stimulating good physical, emotional and energetic health, this state of harmony creates clarity of mind, softens mental activity creating a space for intuition to flourish, and awakens the ability for abstract thinking.

Gematria of Chakra Synthesis...
The ‘character/personality’ of this essence is the number nine. Nine is the highest spiritual number in the cycle of numbers, which is about truth and mastery, representing the soul’s highest expression or in its truest form. It’s nature is therefore to eliminate all that is no longer needed.
The ‘body’ is the number four. Four is about being grounded, earthly, practical and is also about completion. Our interpretation of this in regard to this essence is that it completes the flushing, strengthening and grounding process of the chakras and energetic bodies.
The ‘mind’ is the number two, which encompasses the qualities of nurturing and deep love. The number two suggests ‘bringing the mind into harmony’ through an emptying process as opposed to an organising/analytical process.

Cherry Blossom

Name: Cherry Blossom

Essence Contents: Pink Cherry Blossom Essence

Cherry blossom is a YIN remedy. It brings balance to the meridians by affecting the yin energy within the body. Strongly connected with the moon, yin qualities are feminine, nurturing and loving.
When the body is in this state of balance, it creates the perfect harmonious environment for true soul expression, and excellent physical and emotional health.
Enhances creative intuition, strengthens right brain to left body connection.

Gematria of Cherry Blossom...
The character/personality’ of this essence is the number three. Joyous, youthful and free, the number three brings out the child-like, innocent and fun-loving nature. 

 Japanese Iris
Name: Japanese Iris, (Iris Japonica)

Essence Contents: White Iris Japonica

Nicknamed the “practitioner essence”, this essence creates an ideal state for working with people.  It balances the left and right brain, enhancing the process of effective information integration. This means that a healthy medium is met wherein the creative and logic minds are in harmony, allowing for clarity, calm, good judgement and quick thinking.

Japanese Iris essence corresponds to the crown chakra, balancing and clearing it, which in turn creates the right environment for enhancing the Higher-Self connection, and receiving ‘higher information’. This is a Yang essence, (yang being active, power, masculine) and as such, stimulates the ‘logic brain’ in a way that is ideal to make sense of the higher information, integrate it, and translate it into something comprehendible and useful. It also balances the Yang within the meridians of the body.

It strengthens the vitality and radiance of the aura, in that it increases the strength and flow of the magnetic fields around the body. In my opinion, this essence is perfect for anyone who is interested in the above mentioned qualities and especially for practitioners of any kind.

Water Lily

Name: Water Lily

Essence Contents:
Water Lily (Nymphaeas) (created 10/10/10,

Water Lily is related to the Central (Conception) Vessel and Governing Vessel Meridians, hence one of its many wonderful properties is as a fertility enhancer. This essence Corresponds to the crown, third eye, base, and earth star chakras. It is a perfect balance of Yin and Yang.

Water Lily allows for the awakening of the Kundalini by clearing pathways, stimulating spiritual development. It is well recognised that forcing the development of the Kundalini can be detrimental to one’s health and wellbeing and will unlikely be advised by any skilled practiser. The water lily essence stimulates the clearing of blockages so that the Kundalini can develop naturally.

Water Lily assists one to break free of the limitations of the lower self, in order to become the expression of the higher-self. It works to eliminate negative beliefs and feelings of hopelessness, especially those around self worth.


Morning Glory Flower

Name: Morning Glory Flower

Essence Contents: Morning Glory (created 22/4/11, 11.22 am)

The Morning Glory Flower blooms at the crack of dawn and closes for the night with sunset. This essence is fantastic for helping your body to reset healthy sleeping patterns. It is energising for those who struggle to get up in the morning, or find themselves sluggish and lethargic during the daylight hours. It leaves you feeling awake, refreshed and vital.

Also, because it sets your body to the cycle of the sun, it is a great help in nulling the effects of jetlag. Because of its ability to ‘reset’ the body to its natural states, it offers support through the process of overcoming addiction and can reduce withdrawal symptoms.

This essence relates to the pineal and pituitary glands, the thymus and thyroid, and the adrenal glands. Morning Glory Flower essence works to balance the Triple Heater (Sanjiao) meridian.



 Coming soon: Macadamia Essence, Frangipani Essence and Golden Hibiscus!


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