Feature stories

Many thanks to Sherree, Lorna and Liz for allowing me to feature their stories on this page.

Enhancing Creative Flow

Thank you Lauren for helping me get in touch with my creativity again through your amazing processes. I was quite frustrated that I was having trouble getting into my painting and suspected there was a block on some level of my being which you managed to find during our hypnotherapy sessions together. Not only have you managed to help me shift this, you also helped to connect me with a spirit guide who I now call in every time I paint! Thank you so much!

Sherree Maniks – Transpersonal Art Therapist – North Curl Curl



Pain management feature story

Lorna and I worked together for the purpose of pain management, as she has a degenerative disease, Multiple Sclerosis. She is usually in a constant state of intense pain due to nerve damage. On a scale of 10 (1 being the least possible pain) Lorna described her pain as being a 9, which often brought her to tears. With her permission, I am able to disclose the following. During some of our sessions together, she was recorded as saying:

    • (the beginning of our second session) The pain has become more of an “intense buzz” instead of the stinging pain like before. It’s not a comfortable feeling but it’s definitely an improvement.”
    • (At the end of a session) "i feel pretty good, my headache is completely gone and its like the stinging has dissipated... like itsspread out, not concentrated in one spot so its much more bearable. I say I'm at a 5 and a half out of 10"


Phobia Feature Story

“I have been terrified of anything crawley, from roaches to rodents for almost all of my life. My fear was so bad that I’ve stayed awake for the entire night because I thought there was a roach in my room, another time I had to get a neighbour to come over and get rid of a grasshopper that was on my shower curtain because I couldn’t go in there to use the loo, and I even once climbed up on the dinner table in a busy outdoor restaurant out of sheer terror because I saw a possum on the ground a few tables away!
I sought help from Lauren, not really knowing anything about hypnosis or what to expect or even if it would work for me. To be honest I had my doubts. Anyway the experience was very relaxing and I found that it was really good for my stress levels. Bit by bit I noticed improvement, I could keep my cool around big roaches but still didn’t want to go near it, and I could manage the courage to swat the little ones without any trouble. It wasn’t until a little while after our third and final session that I achieved an amazing feat! I was sitting on the bus with my friend, and I caught a glimpse of something crawling on her leg. A little roach. I didn’t panic, didn’t scream, didn’t hesitate. WHACK. I swatted it with my bare hand! Seriously disgusting, but I’m so proud of myself!”