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Lauren’s Story

Lauren's Story


A word from Clinical Hypnotherapist, Lauren Nichols

“I myself was first introduced to the potential of hypnosis as a young child, when I witnessed my seven year old friend have her memory of the number “six” temporarily removed under hypnosis, and swear with all enthusiasm that she had eleven fingers. However, it wasn’t until over a decade later that it became apparent how large a role in my life hypnosis would play.

Having always been a big advocate for natural medicine and alternative therapies,  my exploration led me to become the subject of a leading hypnotherapist who worked with me over the following year on a range of indepth health issues (whilst also being supported by a Naturopath/Kinesiologist). The results were truly incredible and I've never looked back.

This experience sparked my passion for this work, and I’ve since gone on to complete a VTAB accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It is my most sincere wish to offer the kind of transformation I experienced, to others.

Through my own personal research and my training in other modalities, I have come to realise that the body/mind connection and the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing is paramount. As well as being physically healthy and active, it is so important to take care of your emotional and spiritual needs and personal growth, in order to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Some of these other modalities include Hypno-Kinesiology, EFT, EMDR, Timelines, Bodytalk Access, and Meditation. I’ve also long been fascinated and thoroughly enjoyed the learning pursuits of spiritualism, theosophy and energetics. I strongly believe striving to gain the understanding of the true nature of ourselves, our existence and our potential will ultimately determine a large portion of how well we function as individuals and as a race."

Qualifications and Training: Lauren has completed a VETAB accredited Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, is an NLP Practitioner, has graduated with Advanced Achievement in Parapsychology, advanced vibrational healing, meditation colour therapy, Quantum Crystal Healing, has completed a course in BodyTalk Access and Quantum Touch, and is a member of the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists Association). Bowen Therapy Practitioner.