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The following products are available to purchase from my office only at this time, please email me to enquire!

More to come, please check back here soon! 


Daily Protection Meditation

This 20 minute track has been specially designed to clean your energetic field and etheric body, balance the chakras, and create a protective forcefield against negative energies, thoughtforms and pretty much anything the day throws at you. People who have experienced this meditation have had the following things to say about it:

"Ready to face the day! When I use this meditation I feel calm and collected, in control and totally relaxed."

"So relaxing, but also powerful!"

 PRICE: $15 (sent to you as an MP3 via email) or $20 hard copy in a case. (shipping extra)   


Sacred Playground Essences


What is an essence?

Vibrational essences are infused with the resonance, characteristics and qualities of the object from which they were made, be it crystals, flowers, or something else. They work similarly to a homeopathic, in that only a minute amount of essence is needed to create lasting change.

Essences create this change on a subtle energetic level, interacting with such things as the chakras, meridians and emotional bodies. It is wdely accepted that almost all illness or disharmony begins on the spiritual, energetic and emotional levels before manifesting as symptoms within the physical body, hence why it is so important to maintain ones energetic health.

Check out our range of high quality, all natural essences!



Crystals and things!

We have in stock a variety of quality crystals and minerals, hand picked by us at great prices. Feel free to come around and have a look! Please call first to let us know when you will be stopping by. Many thanks!

We currently have over 100 beautiful specimens, including Selenite towers, Flourite angels, Rose Quartz, bloodstone and tiger-eye hearts, Amethyst Clusters, Huge natural Smokey Quartz towers, Pendulums, Okenite and clear quartz natural wands to name a few.

We now also have high quality Chakra Packs available for healing and balancing the chakras.

Rune Packs - Carefully and chosen stones, rolled over millions of years by the oceans natural force, on the beaches of Byron Bay. Hand painted and glossed with love and tender care by me. These 25 piece rune sets contain the wisdom of the Viking symbols, for use in divination, self discovery and as a spiritual guide.  

For a full list of available goodies as well as some images and prices, visit the 'crystals and things' page...




Second Hand Books!

We have a variety of books from Hypnosis and NLP, to spiritual and self help.

Heres a list of the books...

The Rainbow Machine, tales from a neurolinguists journal - by Andrew T Austin

The Power of Metaphor - by Michael Berman and David Brown

Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality - By Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall

Maps, Models and the Structure of Reality, NLP Technology in psychotherapy - By Kim Kostere and Linda Malatesta.

The Hypnotherapy Handbook, Hypnosis and body/mind healing - By Kevin Hogan ($18)

Therapeutic Metaphors- By David Gordon ($30)

Presenting Magically- Tad James and David Shephard ($20)

The Structure of Magic 1 - Richard Bandler and John Grinder

The Structure of Magic 2 - Richard Bandler and John Grinder

NLP Business Masterclass - By David Molden

Sports Mind - by Jeffrey Hodges

Champion thoughts, Champoin Feelings - by Jeffrey Hodges


You can Heal Your Life - Louise Hay ($17) 

Intuitive Healing, five steps to physical emotional and sexual wellness - by Judith Orloff

Real Magic, creating miracles in every day life - By Dr Wayne Dyer

Feel the fear and do it anyway - By Susan Jeffers

Practical guide to Reiki - by Klaudia Hochhuth

Living in the Spiritual Zone, 10 steps to change your life and discover your truth - By Gary Quinn

Turning passions into profit - byChristopher Howard

First Things First - Stephen R. Covey

Think Big - by Donald Trump

Guide to time productivity and sanity - by Dan Kennedy

You can work your own miracles - By Napoleon Hill

Body Language - By Allan and Barbera Pease

The Mind Accelerator

A New Earth - By Eckhart Tolle



Meditation/Music CDs

by Bart and Jody


These awesome CD's are brand new, many copies available.


Cd's Avaiable include

1. Serene Morning

2. Flourite- The Genius Crystal

3. Calming the Spirit

4. Twin Flame Reunion

5. Chakra Crystal Vibrations