Hypno-Kinesiology Training

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Advanced Hypno-Kinesiology Training 

Over four days you will be learning the ins and outs of Advanced Hypno-Kinesiology. The design of this course is to provide a solid knowledge foundation whist also allowing for frequent demonstrations and plenty of ‘hands on’ practical work. Our goal is that by the end of the four days, you are competent and comfortable to have Hypno-Kinesiology as a practical functioning standalone system within your practice.

To read an intro to Hypno-Kinesiology (a little about how it works, what it can help with etc) CLICK HERE

Course Duration

4 days. This course will be run from 10am-5pm over two consecutive weekends. Lunch break is 1 hour, making the training time 24 hours in total.

Course Includes

  • Four days indepth training (24hrs)
  • All notes, workbooks and material
  • An exclusive group environment; maximum of 12 people, to allow for more personal attention
  • Tea, coffee and nibblies (lunch not provided)
  • Course dates are TBA

PLEASE EMAIL ME TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST Lauren@wholistichypnotherapy.com.au


Simplified Course Contents -

  • Muscle monitoring (proper technique, science behind it, switching, troubleshooting)
  • Surrogate Testing (working on children and the physiologically impaired)
  • Holistic approach - Cross referencing symptoms within the 5 parameters of health (mental/emotional, structural, nutritional, habitual, spiritual/energetic) 
  • Working with the Priority of the Body
  • Some Chinese Medicine components
  • Muscle testing belief systems, correct sentence structure and composition
  • Releasing trauma and changing belief systems (the WHEK system)
  • Vanishing Twin and Haunted Womb Syndrome
  • Inner Child Progression
  • Practical use of Hypno-Kinesiology in your practice

For more indepth Course Contents and any other information you require, please email me.


Your Trainers

Adam Nichols - 35 years clinical experience

Chiropractor, Herbalist, Osteopath, Naturopath, Expert in Hypno-Kinesiology.


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