A brief introduction

Hypno-Kinesiology is a fantastic tool for releasing un-useful belief systems, deep-seated emotional issues and traumas, self sabotage and the like. The benefit is that NO trance is required, it is done in a total waking state. It is significantly quicker and gets to the root of a problem with ease.

How mental/emotional trauma can affect the body, mind and spirit

When trauma occurs, the body often goes into stress and can trigger a "fight/flight" response. This can result in stress related disorders such as IBS, anxiety and panic, headaches/migraines, sleeping disorders, blood pressure issues, lethargy, hormonal imbalances and pains. 

Emotional trauma does not not only affect the body, it can also cause overactive avoidance mechanisms such as phobias, self sabbotage and OCD. Also emotional outbursts, depression and inappropriate emotional behaviour can become an issue.

Trauma can also affect the spirit, one might experience a lack of fulfilment, love or satisfactory partnerships, feelings of isolation etc. On an energetic level, it interferes with the function of the chakras, meridians, etheric bodies, and can create karmic consequences.

Our View

At Wholistic Hypnotherapy, we realise that the body/mind connection and the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing is paramount. As well as being physically healthy and active, it is so important to take care of your emotional and spiritual needs as well as personal growth in order to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

It is also our belief that a symptom based treatment alone is often inadequate and does not deal with the complex web that allowed for the state of dis-ease to arise in the first place.

It is our aim to address these deep-seated issues in a healthy way, to allow for the body's natural healing mechanisms to function at their best, always.

How Does it Work?

Using 'muscle testing' (from Kinesiology) we are able to determine what is considered 'truth' to a person on a deep unconscious level.

For example, a person might have developed an unconscious belief that they are 'unlovable' or perhaps 'undeserving of love'. They don't know why, but they have noticed they just can't seem to hold down a healthy relationship, or perhaps they are "attracting the wrong sort of people". Their unconscious responses are working hard to validate their belief system - self sabotage.

The potential 'symptoms' of a belief system like this are virtually endless. Once the cause of the belief is found and released (via Hypno-K protocol), the 'programming' is then changed, allowing the client the freedom to choose their own path and make healthy decisions.

Hypno-Kinesiology offers a safe, fast solution to release the source of trauma and beliefs, allowing the outgrown behaviours,  symptoms and stresses to be resolved.

What can it help with?

Through the use of Hypno-Kinesiology, clients I have worked with have reported massive improvement in their lives in many different areas. Here are a few; 

  • grief and trauma related issues
  • self worth and depression
  • stress anxiety
  • addictive behaviour and absolving vices
  • removing blockages in creativity 
  • removing self sabotage behaviour
  • removing spiritual blockages
  • healing relationships 
  • fulfilment and confidence
  • improved sense of 'self'