Energetics and other Modalities

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Esoteric Bodyworks - A creation of Lauren Nichols

Some background on holistic health - my views...

Esoteric Bodyworks is designed to work with the ‘ Self’ in its entirety, in a holistic manner. The body, mind and spirit all have equal parts to play in a person’s physical and emotional health and wellbeing, but it’s also just as vital to nurture ones spiritual health.  

It is well known in most alternative medicines that the root cause of the body’s state of dis-ease almost always stems from unbalanced or unhealthy emotions and/or energies, which eventually snowball until they present as physical symptoms.

What it is important to realise, is that fairly often these issues are much deeper than just being emotional and purely energetic. Some of these imbalances are set up prior to birth, are inherited from the family line, are Karmicly stimulated, are influenced by unresolved traumas from current lives, past lives other people’s lives or somewhere in between, or are even intertwined within life mission and destiny.  

It is also understood within most alternative medicines that the body has an incredible ability to heal itself and is always striving to do so. When the body is in stress, the lines of communication within the body can be disrupted and severed, allowing for imbalances to become prominent and blockages to occur. So when the blockages are removed and the lines repaired, the body can continue its healing uninhibited. 

The priority of 'the self'

When we talk about Self, we are referring to the part of you that is connected with all things; all parts, layers and levels of self from our lowest aspects all the way up to the innate divine god/ess.

We share in the belief that an issue can be so deeply intertwined within a web of other factors, that dealing with the issue on its own could prove to be only a temporary relief. The other factors act as an anchor, holding the issue in place and not allowing it to be resolved in a complete and ‘final’ way.

This is why it is so important to recognise what we call “the priority of the Self”, and it is just that: asking the divine innate intelligence for the priority of the whole Self.

The ‘priority of the Self’ is not always regarding illness or a state of ‘imbalance’. It could be that a spiritual lesson needs to be acknowledged, that a particular life mission is coming into fruition and action needs to be taken or clarity gained, you might need to be initiated into a new phase of your development, or aligned with certain guides, frequencies or etheric blueprints. We may need to activate a process or a new spiritual ability, the list is truly endless.  

Esoteric Bodyworks - in a nutshell

  • Works within all arenas of health (body, mind, spirit and soul)
  • Acquires and works with the ‘Priority of the Self’ in order to deal with the relevant issues in the correct order, so that change may be lasting
  • Reconnects lines of communication within the body, and between the body mind and spirit, in order to restore balance. This allows the body's natural healing ability to revert to normal function.
  • Determines the root causes of imbalances, blockages and sabotage.
  • Works with causes and solutions outside of the normal realms.
  • Can enter the arena of Life Mission, Destiny, help determine 'right' action, gain clarity, assist with activation/development of spiritual ability etc.
  • Often includes messages of priority from higher guidance.
  • Much more...